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How You Can Help A.W.A.N.

A network of concerned people providing care for animals in need
and placing homeless pets into loving homes.

  •     Temporary foster home for a cat.
  •     Sanctuary for a senior or special needs animal.
  •     Telling us about sources of corporate, private, or foundation grants, funds, DONATIONS.
  •     Grant writing.
  •     "Angel funding" to pay a grant writer.
  •     Rolls or sheets of postage stamps.
  •     Pet food and supplies (vitamins, toys, bedding, litter etc.).
  •     A.W.A.N. donation boxes on check-out counters.
  •     Staffing a table or holding a donation can at concerts, festivals, retail outlets etc.
  •     Volunteering at our adoption center by caring for the animals.
  •     Holding a yard sale, bake sale, or event for A.W.A.N.
  •     Setting up media coverage, interviews, articles, ads, cable banners, work-place posters.
  •     Supplying materials for our website and info about links to get our website noticed.
  •     Free or wholesale office supplies, printing and copying.
  •     Transportation of cats to and from vets.
  •     Naming A.W.A.N. as beneficiary in your will or trust or insurance policy.
  •     Foster homes for cats and kittens ready for adoption.
  •     Foster homes for indoor semi-feral cats.
  •     Transportation help for spay/neuter appointments.
  •     Volunteers for Adoption Days and other events.
  •     Blankets and bedding.
  •     Cat and dog carriers (clean, please).
  •     Havahart┬« traps.
  •     Large two-level "Queen's" cages to be used for Adoption Day events.
  •     Cat trees, scratching posts, cat beds, etc.
  •     Cat and dog food.
  •     Cat litter.
  •     Cat and dog toys.
  •     Cat and dog treats.
  •     Vitamins.
  •     Clean doghouses.
  •     Barn placements for non-house cats.
  •     Eco-friendly cleaning products for bedding and carriers.
  •     And, of course, TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS...ANY SIZE!!!!!!

If there is anything else that you can think of, please call us at 845.679.7849.

Thank you for all that you do!