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Opal ~ Female 

Opal is a spayed, healthy girl who has had all her shots. She's very sweet. Born September 21, 2002, she's an exotic breed, a Turkish Van. Opal would be OK with a gentle dog or one friendly other cat.


Elvie is a lovely black and orange tortie with big yellow eyes. I met her on a cold, rainy night in the Bronx when she tentatively crept up to me and then mewed and did a figure-eight in and out of my legs until I finally picked her up and took her home with me. She simply would not be denied. I think she must have been locked out or lost. She was so loving; she must have been somebody's.


Shane is a pure-bred, flat-faced, orange tabby Persian with enough personality for three cats! He is used to sitting on or by my mother, purring his head off all day. He's 11 years old and lonely, lonely, lonely since my mother's passing.