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About A.W.A.N.

A network of concerned people providing care for animals in need and placing homeless pets into loving homes.

A.W.A.N. is a small, yet growing, grass roots rescue group located in Ulster County, "the gateway to the Catskill mountains" at Woodstock, New York.

We have a 20-year history and a 501c(3) status. The heart of our mission is the fostering of cats in A.W.A.N. network homes until loving adoptions can be arranged.

Most of our budget pays vets for spay/neuter, rehabilitation of abused animals, and support of special needs animals.

We encourage no-kill shelters. Sad to say, whenever an area shelter goes no-kill, our modest resources are stretched even thinner, as the rejects are dumped, surrendered to us, or left to starve.

Within the limits of our space and money, we cannot and will not say no to them.

A.W.A.N., in its hands-on way, gives shelter and sanctuary while fighting the ancient battle against cruelty, ignorance, and indifference. Each of us feels the tragedy of not being equipped to do it all. The fact that we can't save every animal who needs us is heart breaking! For all the work of dedicated rescuers, the suffering seems to be increasing. We need help to continue and expand our effort. Every day, more unwanteds are born to lives of horrific neglect and pain. Without more money we have no power to turn this around.

If passion and hard work were enough, we would have solved it already.


  • Encouraging more members of our community to participate in our foster network and sanctuary program.
  • Finding boarding accommodations which are less costly than those offered by veterinarians.
  • Networking to find groups in and near our area which can take on some of the rescues and surrenders.
  • Making sources of free and affordable spay and neuter known to the public at every opportunity.
  • Since it is clear that we will continue to be responsible for many elderly and infirm cats for the rest of their lives, and since their vet care mounts up and is specialized, we must look at a way of providing excellent, compassionate care without devoting the bulk of our budget to animals with no hope of adoption. To manage this it would make sense to care for them collectively. "Hospice" is a bittersweet word, one known to many of us in a personal way. What is granted to humans in their last days shouldn't be denied our animal companions.
  • Providing advice and information to help people avoid surrendering animals or having them euthanized. 

Welcome to our new home on the web! This site is under construction and is being developed. Please check back with us as we add more features and more information!

Thank you for your support!!

Helen Mendoza
Director, A.W.A.N., Inc.