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AWAN is the area's leading kitten adoption agency. Located in Ulster County, NY. We have almost two decades of experience placing cats and dogs into loving homes in our community. Most of our budget pays veterinarians for spay/neuter, repair of the abused and support of special needs animals. We encourage No-Kill, and do our best to find homes for these deserving animals.

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Want to adopt a kitten?

We may have just the right kitten available for you. AWAN has been adopting kittens into loving homes for many yers, and we would like to help you if find the right pet for you.

Pelase call AWAN at (845) 679-0227.

PO Box 53
West hurley, NY 12491

Looking for a Free Kitten?
Why pay an adoption fee?

It may be tempting to look for a free pet in your local classifieds rather than pay an adoption donation. But the reality is, no pet is free: You'll be responsible for her vet care, food and supplies for the rest of her life (see more information on the annual costs of pet ownership). Adoption fees vary by organization, but often cover the basic veterinary care you would have to pay for with your "free" pet. Where does my adoption fee go?

Ask the rescue group, but fees usually include:

* Spaying/neutering $150-300
* Distemper vaccination $20-30 x2
* Rabies vaccination $15-25
* Heartworm test $15-35
* Flea/tick treatment $50-200
* Microchip $50

Another note on “free” kittens

Unfortunately, individuals who do not have a pet's best interests in mind often scour classifieds for “free to a good home” ads. Therefore it’s recommended that anyone seeking to rehome a pet request an adoption fee.





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